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Tracking Workflow

A Typical Week

On a day-to-day basis you will spend the majority of your time working in the Tracking Section of the app. Under each student’s name you can see their progress for the selected Year, Term and Week. You can also see the School Work you plan to do for the selected Week.

Clicking a School Work item’s “Show Info” button reveals its General Instructions and its attached Resources. This is a useful reminder, especially for older kids who do more independent work.

We will be discussing the workflow for a typical School Week and all of the options you may choose to use in the app.

Before the School Week:

Adjust the Week

If you need to alter your general plan to fit the specific week you’re facing, you can quickly fine tune things in several ways.

While in the Tracking section, click the edit button in the toolbar. You will be presented with a number of options like: moving segments to a new week or an existing week, inserting or deleting segments and editing weekday labels.

Before the School Day:

Depending on your preferences, there are several things you may choose to do before the school day begins.

A segment of School Work can be updated by clicking the segment to reveal its form.

Check “Do Next” (optional)

Clicking “Do Next” for each segment of School Work you intend to complete is a quick way to plan your day. The color of the segment will turn orange and you will be able to easily see what needs to be done.

You can quickly set the day’s work to “Do Next” by clicking the edit button in the toolbar. Select the action ‘Mark “Do Next”’. Select the segments you would like to be done next or select the Weekday you would like to be done next if using Weekday Labels. Then click “Update”.

Insert A Note (optional)

Click the “Notes” button. A scratch pad editor will appear. Insert any specific instructions you have for the item of School Work for that week. Notes save automatically.

If a note is present, the "Notes" button will turn orange to notify other users that a note exists.

During the School Day:

Once the School Day begins there are a number of features you may use depending on how much data you want to record for later reporting.

If you plan to create comprehensive reports that detail your activities, you may want to use some or all of the following options.

Select Completion Date (optional)

Click the “Completion Date” input and a calendar will open that allows you to choose the date on which the segment of School Work was completed.

Insert Completion Time (optional)

In the “Completion Time” field you can record the amount of time, in minutes, that was spent on that segment of School work.

Insert Completed Work (optional)

The “Completed Work” section is for recording what was actually accomplished during the Segment of School Work.

Check Complete

The one feature that really isn’t optional is the “Complete” checkbox. Once selected its segment will turn red. If all the segments for the item of School Work have been completed, they will all turn green.

If you want to quickly mark a lot of segments Complete, click the edit button in the toolbar. Select the action ‘Mark “Complete”’. Select the segments you would like to be marked Complete. Then click “Update”.

After the School Day (Optional):

Once the School Day is done, you may wish to go back over each segment of School Work and double check that all the desired data has been recorded correctly. Especially if you have Students who are doing work on their own and recording it for themselves in the app.

That completes our walk through of the daily workflow. Happy Homeschooling.