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August 8, 2019

Since our launch we have been working hard to improve Flexible Homeschool App with features like the ability to insert resources while creating or editing an item of School Work, quick search for the main Resource List and more robust reports.

But in this video I want to focus on three improvements that you will find particularly useful.


The first is speed. We have reviewed every aspect of the app, changing how data is calculated, stored and retrieved to provide a faster, more responsive experience.


The second is notes. A new "Notes" button has been added to each Item of School Work for each Week it has been scheduled. When clicked, a scratch pad appears. This is a great place to provide specific instructions or communicate changes for the week. Notes automatically save as you type. If a note is present the button will turn orange to notify your students that a note exists.


The third is weekly editing. You can now quickly fine tune any specific week of school. Simply navigate to a Student and Week in the Tracking section and click the edit button in the toolbar. You can then choose from one of eight actions to apply to selected segments like marking them “Do Next” or “Complete”, Moving them to a different week or deleting them all together.

I hope you’ll take some time to explore these new features. We think they are going to be a great help to your Flexible Homeschool. Happy Homeschooling!