Spend time with
your family,
not your homeschool planner.

Flexible Homeschool App is for organized families
who want to stay
focused on providing a
quality education for their children.

1. Ready for the day.

Set what items of School Work you would like to be accomplished for the day. Provide additional specific instuctions if needed.

2. Handle the unexpected.

Speed up, slow down, even stop when necessary without any extra effort on your part. The app flows arround the unexpected realities of life.

3. Feel the progress.

See progress unfold before your eyes. Progress meters show you exactly how much you have accomplished for the year, term and week.

Watch Flexible
Homeschool App in action.

Discover how you can flexibly plan, track and generate reports for your unique homeschool situation.

“Truly the best planning app I’ve used in over 12 years of homeschooling.”

Misty L.
Homeschool Mom
San Antonio, Texas

“I love the Flexible Homeschooling app. It has been crucial for our school year organization. Thanks for making a tool for homeschoolers that works like homeschoolers.”

Anita F.
Homeschool Mom
Bend, Oregon

How much extra effort are you expending?

You have already comitted yourself to the hard work and sacrifice of homeschooling your family, don’t struggle with your planner too.

How much time are you wasting?

Married life. Family life. Homeschool life. You don’t have time to wrestle with a planner that should be saving you time, not taking it.

How much peace of mind are you sacrificing?

Where is that schedule? What resource was I going to use for this? How much is left to do? Your planner should have all the answers in one place.

Organization Simplified

Save time. Save Energy.
Gain peace of mind.

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Made by homeschoolers
for homeschoolers.

The Developers of Flexible Homeschool App have
homeschooled their four children for over ten years.


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