Flexible Homeschool Tutorials

Get a handle on how it all works.

Planning Workflow

An overview of getting setup with Flexible Homeschool App.

Preparation for using Flexible Homeschool App happens in the Planning section of the app.

Basic Process

Working with Students, School Years, School Work and Resources is a rather straightforward process.

To add: Click the plus icon in the toolbar and select what you would like to add.

  • New Student
  • New School Year
  • New Item of School Work
  • New Resource Type

Fill out the form and click the “Save” button. To edit: select an item, click the “Edit” button in the toolbar, make any desired changes and click the update button. To delete: select an item, click the “Delete” button in the toolbar and confirm the delete. It’s a pretty straightforward process.

The majority of your preparation time will be spent in School Work. So let’s walk through adding an item of school work. I’ll point out some key features and best practices along the way.

Focus: School Work Form

Step One: Information

To begin, select the student or students for whom you wish to create this item of School Work. Then give it a name.

A useful naming convention is: subject, colon, school work. For instance “Reading: The Outsiders.” This will keep all of the Work for a particular subject listed together because School Work is always listed alphabetically in the app.

Finally, you can provide some general instructions. These instructions will appear in the Tracking section where daily work is completed. They are intended to be general in order to maintain the flexibility of the app. For instance, “Read one chapter per segment.”

To move forward to the next segment, either click the number 2 circle above the form or the “Next” button at the bottom of the form.

Step Two: Resources

Now you can attach resources to your item of School Work. This can be done in one of two ways. The first is to search existing resources - resources that have already been entered into the app.

Search for “The Outsiders.” It has never been entered, so you’ll have to add it to the app. Fortunately there is a convenient way to attach new resources from right inside the form.

You can choose from one of the six resource types: Book, Link, Audio, Video or Application. Click the book icon. Fill out the form. Click the “Attach Book” button.

“The Outsiders” is now listed under “Attached Resources.” If you search for “The Outsiders,” it is now available because you have added it into the app. Should you ever wish to edit or delete “The Outsiders,” you can do so through the resource manager.

Click to go to the final section of the School Work form.

Step Three: Schedule

To schedule the work, begin by selecting the School Year, 2019-2020. It has three terms that last 12 weeks.

We want to read “The Outsiders” two times or Segments per Week during the First Term. So go ahead and select “2 Segments per Week” from the preset dropdown menu.

But there is a problem. You have now scheduled to read “The Outsiders” 24 times during the First Term. Your General Instructions said to read one chapter per segment but “The Outsiders” is only 12 chapters long. You need to do some fine tuning to your schedule.

Click the “Show Individual Weeks” button. Delete the scheduled segments for weeks 7 through 12. So now you have scheduled “The Outsiders” to be read one chapter per segment, two segments per week for the first six weeks of Term One. That’s twelve chapters. Click “Save.”

And that completes our walk through of the planning workflow. Happy Homeschooling.