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Initial development of Flexible School Schedule just finished. The app is being tested and will soon be released. We'll let you know when it's released.

Flexible School Schedule

Structured enough to keep you on track.
Flexible enough to let life happen.

Initial development of Flexible School Schedule just finished. The app is being tested and will soon be released. We'll let you know when it's released.

Homeschool mom feeling out of control.

Feel out of control?

Flexible School Schedule has your back.

Three kids. Five to Six subjects each. Curriculum and resources. State requirements and reporting. Extracurricular activities. Married life. Family life. Church life. Community life. Unexpected life. And the occasional bit of fun.

Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling out of control? Don’t worry, Flexible School Schedule has your back. It’s structured enough to keep school on track but flexible enough to let life happen.

Homeschool mom planning the school year.

Plan School Plan School

To effectively educate your children, you need a workable schedule that works with you. Flexible School Schedule can help.

  • Make notes and rough plans on the scratchpad for the future.
  • Plan to the individual needs and pace of each child.
  • Set timeframes (not dates) for School Years, Terms and Weeks.
  • Easily plan timeframes for each subject and attach resources.
  • Maintain a list of resources (Books, Links, Videos) and attach them to subjects or lessons.
Scratchpad Mockup Take
Subject Plan Mockup Plan
Resources Mockup Track

Things getting a bit messy?

Flexible School Schedule
does housekeeping.

Where was that great video I saw on YouTube? What books do I have and which ones do I still need? What’s the link to that amazing section? I had a great idea about how to do spelling––What was it?

Homeschool can get pretty messy pretty quickly. Fortunately, Flexible School Schedule can help you with some housekeeping. Keep a list of resources (Books, Curriculum, Links to videos and sections) and jot down notes in the scratchpad. Never loose track of resources or ideas again.

Andy struggles with math?

Flexible School Schedule helps.

Andy’s a great kid and a good student, but math is endlessly frustrating. Some days he just needs to go more slowly and take a little extra time.

Most scheduling aides center planning around specific tasks being accomplished on specific dates. Planning in Flexible School Schedule is family and child centered not calendar centered. Simply record what you did and how long it took you to do it.

Track Progress Track Progress

Homeschool mom teaching her boy.
Homeschool mom teaching her kids.
Homeschool girl reading.

If your plans are to become a reality, progress must be tracked. It will be a breeze with Flexible School Schedule.

  • Record what you accomplished with each lesson.
  • Record how much time you spent on each lesson.
  • No calendar and no dates––stop if needed and start right where you left off.
  • Progress bars give you an overview of each child’s accomplishment.
  • Reports are customizable and printable.
Progress bars for each child's accomplishment. Track Each
Track what you have accomplished with each lesson. Record
Customizable and printable reports. Create

State requires reporting?

Flexible School Schedule remembers.

Depending on your state, there are a variety of requirements for homeschool families: schooling a specific number of days each year, standardized testing, even a portfolio of each child’s work.

Flexible School Schedule can’t help you with everything but is a great way to record your time and activities. These records will help you stay in compliance with your state and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Still need (love) paper?

Flexible School Schedule Understands.

It’s a digital world and we love our phones, tablets and laptops. But many of us also still love paper and the sense of certainty it provides.

Flexible School Schedule allows you to nicely print each child’s records in a variety of configurations. Whether you need to file a physical copy of your work in a portfolio or just love the feeling of security real paper provides, Flexible School Schedule understands.

Be Flexible Be Flexible

Homeschool mom playing with her child at the park.
Homeschool mom teaching her kids.
Homeschool mom teaching her kids.
Homeschool mom teaching her kids.
Homeschool mom teaching her kids.

Flexible School Schedule will work with your life, not against it. It’s about steady progress, not arbitrary pressure.

  • No calendar or dates.
  • Move at your own pace until you are done.
  • Stop when you need and start where you left off.
  • Never be scolded that things are overdue.
  • Educate at your family’s pace until you are done.
  • Use with any internet connected device.
Flexible School Schedule Mockup

Caught the flu?

Flexible School Schedule Cares.

Most scheduling aides can’t handle real life. If the flu hits and you can’t do school, the schedule is screaming at you when you return. “Where have you been? That was due three days ago! You’re falling behind!”

Flexible School Schedule is different. Because it’s not calendar based, you can pause when you need to and pick right back up where you left off.

Trip to Disney?

Flexible School Schedule
is happy for you.

Most homeschool scheduling aides frown on spontaneous family time. And there will be absolutely no whimsy. But, those are two of the reasons you chose to homeschool!

If you have an opportunity to go to Disney, take it. If Grandma and Grandpa are suddenly available for a visit, enjoy it without worry. Flexible School Schedule will let you pick up right where you left off without scolding you about things being overdue.