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Our Story So Far

By: Phillip Gore.

One Good Idea

Developing web applications for clients is fun, but I have always wanted to start a business around an app of my own. An app that would actually help people - people I knew and understood. I was always on the lookout for that one good idea, never realizing it was under my nose the whole time.

One afternoon I was watching my wife Lanaya fill out the paper schedule she uses to organize homeschool. I began to ask questions about how it worked. When I realized she used flexible timeframes rather than rigid dates on a calendar, a light went off in my brain. I had my one good idea - Flexible Homeschool App.

Analogue Girl - Digital Boy

I jumped right in designing the data structure and doing mockups of the interface. Lanaya patiently answered my questions and gave helpful feedback, but she wasn’t so sure. Lanaya loves paper! Binders, folders, worksheets, physical books. So warm. So real. She was not convinced that she wanted her beloved paper schedule turned into a digital app.

But the analogue girl had married a digital boy, so she patiently indulged me until the day I walked her through mockups of the interface. When she was able to concretely see what the app would be, it changed everything. She realized that, not only would the flexibility of her system be maintained, but:

  • She would be able to keep a list of resources in one place (video links, web urls, books).
  • She could attach those resources to subjects and lessons
  • She could plan her school year on a large computer screen
  • And the kids could check the schedule on their smaller phones and tablets.

She was convinced. The analogue girl was going digital.

Shifting Into High Gear

Lanaya coming on board the project really kicked things into high gear. She’s a homeschool mother of four who has written Delightful Reading Kits 1-3, Laying Down the Rails for Children, A is for Art: A Fine Art Alphabet Book, and other curricula published by SimplyCharlotteMason.com. She knows how to get things done. Her input and energy has been invaluable.

She brought great ideas to the table and wisely pushed me to include printable reports for homeschoolers - paper reports they could keep with their records and portfolios to assist with state compliance.

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Lanaya Gore

Lanaya is a second generation homeschooler who has written:

  • Delightful Reading: Kits 1-3
  • Laying Down the Rails for Children
  • A is for Art: A Fine Art Alphabet Book

and other curricula published by Simply Charlotte Mason.

Lately she’s been enjoying homeschool podcasts, reading through her Top 100 Booklist and planning Flexible Homeschool App with her husband.

Phillip Gore

Phillip is a Missouri farm boy turned web application developer. He is the founder of Phillip Gore Design, a web-app development company. Phillip does some woodworking and enjoys history but is primarily focused on Flexible Homeschool App.

Phillip and Lanaya live in San Antonio, TX and have been homeschooling their four children for over a decade.